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Sudan families 'haven't stopped crying'

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A woman whose family is trapped in war-torn Sudan says she has "not stopped crying" while she waits for news.

Sherien Elsheikh from Bristol said her husband, parents and sisters are trapped in the country and unable to escape.

More than 400 people have died in fighting between rival Sudanese military factions in the country.

The UK government said it was starting to evacuate British nationals, but for Mrs Elsheikh anguish remains.

"[My husband] he's locked inside the house, he can't go out at all. My mum, my dad and my sisters - all of them there, so I am feeling lots of pain.

"The fighting is so close to them that they can't go out to buy food. They are very frightened.

"I haven't stopped crying since yesterday."

There is also a great deal of frustration.

After contacting the Sudanese embassy in London, and filling out forms in the hope it will help her husband, she said she had heard nothing from government officials.

"Just a confirmation email from them, that's all."

Like Mrs Elsheikh, Fadhalraman Mohamed from Bristol is also anxious for news: "My wife went out there about 25 days ago and she was due back today.

"But with everything [going on], we are waiting and wondering where she is now.

"We have five kids and they are very worried. Even this morning they don't want to go to school.

"Every time they keep watching out for news about her.

"It's very sad and very difficult for me to work, you know?

To help families, Mohammed Elsharif, from the Sudanese Community Association of Bristol, said he will be seeking assistance from local MPs.

"I will contact all of them.

"I think it's only through the Foreign Office that the communication can happen and people aren't getting any response from the embassy in Sudan either, so a really difficult situation."

British passport holders are being told by the UK government that RAF flights will leave from an airfield near the capital, Khartoum.

The prime minister said priority would be given to the most vulnerable, including families with children.

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