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Turkish evacuation plane fired on in Sudan

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A Turkish evacuation plane coming into land at an airbase outside Sudan's capital, Khartoum, has been fired at, Turkey's defence ministry has said.

No-one was injured and the plane landed safely at Wadi Seidna airfield, where it was being checked.

Sudan's army blamed paramilitary fighters for firing at the aircraft and damaging its fuel system.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) denied the allegation, saying it was committed to the extended humanitarian truce.

A military blogger later tweeted images claiming to show damage to the plane, including what looked like a bullet hole and liquid, possibly fuel, leaking from the aircraft.

The reference number pictured on the plane is a match for a registered Turkish military transport aircraft - a C130 Hercules.

Satellite imagery shows that a military transport plane - resembling a C130 - landed at Wadi Seidna airfield on the morning of 28th April.

The rival military factions agreed to an extension of their ceasefire at midnight local time (22:00 GMT on Thursday) for a further three days.

It has had only a limited effect, with army jets continuing to pound RSF positions in Khartoum during the night.

The previous truce allowed thousands of people to attempt to flee to safety, while dozens of countries organised evacuations.

Turkey's defence minister said efforts would continue to rescue Turkish citizens from Wadi Seidna and the city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast.

Since the clashes began 14 days ago, hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands forced from their homes.

The fighting is devastating the capital and its surrounds - which until recently had a population of around 10 million - leaving people without supplies of food, water and fuel.

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